Job description

  1. Reforming the monitoring processes and increasing the effectiveness of the resources and facilities of the university
  2. Planning to recruit the human resources needed in various units and departments of the university
  3. Performing the administrative works related to recruiting and distributing the human resources in different units and departments of the university
  4. Increasing staff and client satisfaction
  5. Coordinating administrative and personnel activities
  6. Applying the administrative rules, regulations, directives, and instructions of the institute
  7. Performing the activities required for the recruitment of the human resources needed in the institute
  8. Coordinating the activities of the various vice-chancelleries of the university
  9. Pursuing the implementation of administrative rules and regulations in the institute and supervising their execution
  10. Analyzing the policies of the government and the affiliated organization in detail in order to find ways to offer better and more appropriate facilities to the staff of the university and help them increase their quality of life
  11. Investigating the administrative procedures and workflows of the institute in order to eliminate unnecessary formalities and make the workflows simple and also evaluating the performance of the staff


Last Update At : 12 May 2020