Organization development and administrative reforms management


Mehdi Hosseinnezhad

Academic degree: MSc in organizational entrepreneurship management

Telephone number: 045 33534835

Internal extension: 2339

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The aim of administrative reforms is to enhance the capabilities of the administrative system in order for the institute to carry out its responsibilities and play its role as effectively as possible. In other words, administrative reforms are intended to improve the overall effectiveness of the organizational activities. Effective organizational activities are mandatory for the development and progress of any organization. In general, the office of organization development and administrative reforms seeks to 1) engage the staff in fulfilling the goals of the institute, 2) revise and improve the administrative processes of the different units and departments of the institute in the domain of their responsibilities and authorities, 3) empower the staff and managers of the institute, 4) encourage being accountable to citizens, 5) oversee and control the administrative system of the institute, 6) improve the information practices of the institute, etc.

Last Update At : 12 May 2020