The job description of the vice-chancellery for development & resource management

  1. Overseeing the processes and activities being conducted in the establishment and controlling the workflow and methods employed in its different parts and subparts with the aim of coordinating their activities so as to realize the executive goals of the organization
  2. Supervising the way resources allocated to the different units are used with reference to the detailed budget expenditure plans approved by the university’s board of trustees as well as other financial rules and regulations of the institute and reporting them to the relevant board of trustees
  3. Collecting the needed information based on the comprehensive plan of the institute, planning and proposing the annual budget required to implement those plans, and performing all of the activities related to the implementation and accomplishment of the construction projects of the institution (including agreement or cost-plus contracts)
  4. Establishing a process to estimate incomes and control the financial turnover of the institute in order to be able to prepare financial management reports and thereby promote fiscal discipline in the various units and departments of the organization
  5. Determining the status quo of the organization via recognizing its strengths, restrictions, problems, opportunities, and threats in order to detect and propose appropriate solutions and strategies to overcome deficiencies and get to the desired condition
  6. Establishing a committee to formulate executive procedures in cooperation with other vice-chancelleries of the university so as to optimize the administrative interactions system that connects the various units and departments of the organization to each other
  7. Formulating appropriate executive procedures to maintain the buildings and equipment of the institute and preserve its national assets and properties
  8. Managing and supervising the implementation of the plans related to administrative, financial, and construction affairs of the institute according to the relevant rules, regulations, and directives
  9. Submitting the needed justification reports to the chancellor of the institute regarding the responsibilities of the units acting under the control and supervision of this vice-chancellery
  10. Getting the needed repairs done in order to rebuild and maintain the existing buildings and equipment of the institute
Last Update At : 12 May 2020