Mission, vision, and goals of ARUMS vice-chancellery for development & resource management


ARUMS vice-chancellery for development & resource management is missioned to facilitate the fulfilment of health, treatment, educational, and research plans of the university through efficient and effective management of the resources (including human, financial, physical, etc.).


By training and recruiting knowledgeable and innovative staff, we seek to lead the university to a privileged position in the country and make it active and effective in the international arena.


  • Preserving human dignity
  • Compliance with professional ethics
  • Being responsible and accountable
  • Respecting the citizens’ rights
  • Being creative and innovative
  • Appreciating team work

Major goals

  1. Reengineering and improving the processes which are operational in the institute
  2. Developing the performance management system of the university
  3. Developing and reforming the organizational structure of the institute
  4. Developing web-based services in order to fulfil the requirements of E-government
  5. Developing and empowering the human resources of the university
  6. Boosting meritocracy and developing capacities for the proper employment of the institute’s existing human resources
  7. Designing and implementing technical and constructional projects according to the standards of the institute
  8. Developing maintenance management in the university
  9. Developing green management in the university
  10. Developing welfare services offered in the university
  11. Enhancing transparency in financial management
  12. Allocating credence resources based on the policies and priorities of the university
Last Update At : 12 May 2020