Job description

  1. Planning and implementing projects to improve the quality of administrative and support services offered by the university to the clients
  2. Revising and improving the processes operative at the domain of the support and welfare affairs management
  3. Establishing a database containing the statistics and information related to the support and welfare affairs management and updating it regularly
  4. Leading, directing, coordinating, and supervising the activities of the university staff with the aim of improving the quality of their performance
  5. Cooperating in the determination and preparation of job descriptions for each of the organizational positions in the domain of support and welfare affairs management
  6. Holding consultative meetings with the administrators and experts of the associated units and departments on the management of the support and welfare affairs of the university
  7. Planning and proposing operational projects to control and decrease unnecessary costs in the institute
  8. Improving the steps and processes followed in supervising and evaluating the performance of the various units and departments of the university which are involved in the provision of support and welfare services
  9. Activating the committees responsible for monitoring the provision of welfare services and facilities so as to revise and improve the processes of offering services at the university
  10. Using the information gathered from the feedbacks given on the quality of services in order to revise and improve the related processes and procedures
  11. Performing other tasks and responsibilities entrusted to the department by the higher-ranking officials
Last Update At : 12 May 2020