Job description

  1. Investigating the new methods of financial resource management and taking the needed actions to help the university achieve its goals
  2. Supervising the execution of budget plans via offering and operationalizing the needed proposals and monitoring the expenditure of the budget
  3. Preparing and proposing the detailed budget plan and the internal protocol for the university budget based on the country’s budgetary policies and regulations
  4. Investigating and reorganizing the affiliated units to improve their performance
  5. Analyzing the methods of doing jobs in the university and enhancing the effectiveness of the existing resources
  6. Studying, designing, and operationalizing methods for decreasing the costs of the university
  7. Announcing the ratified budget plan to each of the affiliated units and departments
  8. Evaluating the performance of the professional and research teams of the institute
  9. Monitoring and supervising the financial performance of the units and departments affiliated to the institute
  10. Supplying and allocating the needed funds for the construction projects of the university
  11. Overseeing the progress of the construction projects of the university
  12. Coordinating with the governor’s office, plan and budget organization, provincial plan and budget organization, the related ministry, and the university’s board of trustees in implementing the plans of the institute
Last Update At : 12 May 2020