Job description

  1. Paying the salaries and other remunerations of the staff on time and planning to offer needed welfare facilities to them so as to improve their morale and motivation
  2. Renewing and upgrading the level of the technology employed in the managerial departments and other affiliated units via using modern software and improving the knowledge level of the staff
  3. Recruiting knowledgeable employees for the organizational positions
  4. Training the staff regularly according to the plans generated based on their real needs, the latest changes in technology, the expectations of the clients, etc.
  5. Improving the workflows constantly to enhance the quality of services provided in the university so as to decrease the duration of performing activities and costs and to increase the satisfaction of the clients
  6. Emphasizing and boosting administrative discipline and preventing disruptions and disturbances in the processes of the organization
  7. Preparing financial statements of the university via monitoring the financial, computational, and maintenance affairs, controlling bank accounts with reference to the related rules and regulations, and ensuring the accuracy of the documents; also, coordinating with other units in the implementation of the rules and regulations of the institute concerning financial operations and overseeing the maintenance of financial documents
  8. Monitoring receipts and payments of the institution and keeping record of them
  9. Recognizing and recording the monetary and instrumental values of the properties, equipment, machinery, and other assets of the university
  10. Monitoring the maintenance, delivery, and transfer of the liquidity, deposits, and securities in the university
  11. Overseeing the appointment of the administrators of financial affairs in different units and departments of the institute and the entrustment of authorities to them
  12. Preparing and presenting monthly and annual financial reports to the related organizations such as the Supreme Audit Court (SAC), the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, the university’s board of trustees, etc.
  13. Pursuing the complete deployment of the new financial system in the institute and the affiliated units and planning to fulfil the independence of financial affairs in all units
  14. Attempting to remove or lessen the issuance of physical tariffs and bills for the provision of health services and mechanizing the reception of income in all units and departments of the institution
  15. Constantly evaluating the financial affairs of the units and departments of the institute and using feedbacks received from the staff, the clients, and the experts to obviate the possible problems and inconveniences in the financial processes
  16. Coordinating, cooperating, and interacting with the related ministry, organizations, regulatory agencies, and the auditor of the university’s board of trustees
  17. Planning to receive the due payments and the resources approved for the institute on time


Last Update At : 12 May 2020